James Murray, London Deputy Mayor for Housing
James Murray, London Deputy Mayor for Housing - WAN Housing Symposium 2017

“Two particular points in the Manifesto, which I see as being crucial to what we want to achieve over the next few years are land supply and bringing Londoners with us - a social contract”

Jo McCafferty
Jo McCafferty - Director, Levitt Bernstein

“It's our belief, and we talked about this on the Task Force that we need a complete restructuring of Section 106. So, what do we do? How can we make this a real social contract? Schools, GPs, placing communities at the heart of this process. This initiative can help unlock that challenge, and help rebuild that trust. If a community can see these initiatives then the conversation is an entirely different one.” 

Martha Thorne
Martha Thorne - Pritzker Architecture Prize / IE School of Architecture & Design

“The things that impressed me the most in the projects that were selected as the finalists has to do with the sensitivity to architecture, and to understanding the city...but in all these projects they have pushed back the boundaries of traditional architecture to include concerns about technology, finance and sustainability.”

James Murray, London Deputy Mayor for Housing
James Murray, London Deputy Mayor for Housing - WAN Task Force 2017

“What’s really important to me is everyone in this room is coming together with ideas around how to tackle the housing crisis. People in City Hall don’t have all the answers and they need to work with the industry, designers, architects, homebuilders, developers, councils, housing associations, to come up with the right solutions that we need”

Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith - Executive Director of Campaigns at London First

WAN Housing Symposium 2017

“In the WAN Manifesto there are a range of ideas to tackle the Housing Supply issue from Urban Wealth Funds to Tenure Diversity and Employer assisted housing. I really appreciate all of the thinking that has gone into the Task Force, coming up with new ways to help solve the housing crisis.”

Peter Murray
Peter Murray - Chairman at New London Architecture and Design Advocate to Mayor of London

“This event is highly significant as WAN links us to a global network of building, engineering and construction professionals.”

Nicky Gavron
Nicky Gavron - Londonwide Assembly Member and Deputy Chair of London Planning Committee

WAN London housing competition 2017

“We love ideas! We welcome new ideas and concepts and must take inspiration from what other cities are doing to increase housing density and learn from their successful case studies."