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Raj Suresh

Raj Suresh


I am a trained Urban Designer and Architect interested in themes and approaches that flirt with the polemical and dystopian. My methods characteristically involve the creation of futuristic scenarios that are based on very real possibilities. 

Drawing inspiration from technology, sociology, economics and film; my fictional pieces are meant to educate, provoke and shock. Albeit communicated with a fun and childlike simplicity. In the past I have produced commentaries on ‘Super-Sustainability’ (Quicken Chicken) and ‘the future of the public realm’ (i-Street). 

I work with Atkins, a global design consultancy as part of the Masterplanning & Landscape team in London. As a Senior Urban Designer,I lead projects in the Middle East, South America and North Africa – working with multidisciplinary teams, to deliver (sometimes) traditional large-scale masterplans. 

I maintain a keen interest in academics and continue to engage with local design schools through lectures and participation in design juries.