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Pierfrancesco  Maran

Pierfrancesco Maran

Municipality of Milan

Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, Green Areas and Agriculture

Pierfrancesco Maran, born in 1980 in Milan, has a degree in Political Science and has worked as a consultant. He was Councillor in the 3rd administrative area of Milan for 7 years, specifically working on parking development and landscape preservation.
In 2006 he became City Councillor of Milan. During his mandate he involved within the Mobility and Environment Commission. At the dime of the 2011 election, he was the second most voted candidate of the Partito Democratico and the youngest member of the Mayor Giuliano Pisapia’s town Council, covering the position of the Deputy Mayor for Mobility, Environment, Subways, Public water and Energy. Among the first policies he introduced, Area C has been one of the most relevant, a congestion charge that in three years redouced of 25 millions the entrance of cars in the city center. Other important goals he managed to achive are related to: the development of bike and car sharing; the
increase of the pedestrian areas; the introduction of “wet waste” in all the city area and the
achievement of 55% of differentiate waste collection; the change of all the 140 thousand city lighting.

He was national Delegate ANCI - National Association of Italian Municipalities - for Public
Transport and Mobility; President of ICS (Car Sharing Initiative).

During the last election, in 2016, he has been again the most voted candicate of the Partito
Democratico and he is currentily the Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, Green Areas and

• Urban Planning and housing policy
• Management and supervision of City plans’ implementation
• Land reclamation
• Promotion of agriculture uses in Milan
• Green areas development
• Resilient City Project
• Management of events related to his specific skills and role
• Dealing with the 9 administrative zones of Milan