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Demetrio Scopelliti

Demetrio Scopelliti

Urban Planning Department, Municipality of Milan

Advisor to the Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, Green Areas and Agriculture

Demetrio Scopelliti is an architect who loves cities and believes in architecture and urban design as tools for innovation and change-making. As an urban observer and a placemaker, he is fascinated by how architecture and urban design affect people's behaviours and social life, particularly in streets and public spaces, and concerned by how urban mobility affects the liveability of cities and the quality of the urban environment. He is fully convinced that cities should be designed for people, not cars.

As an Urban Designer and Planner he has experience in local and international projects at the urban scale, for both the private and the public sector.

Since 2016 he is Advisor to the Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, Green infrastructure and Agriculture at the City of Milan. In this role he is in charge of managing relevant urban scale processes such as the City Plan and the redevelopment of the former Railway Yards; international programmes such as the Reinventing Cities competition (launched by C40) and the 100 Resilient Cities programme (pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation); projects of renovation of public space in collaboration with Bloomberg Associates.

Before joining the City of Milan he worked for Arup in Milan's Masterplanning and Urban Design and European's Foresight, Research and Innovation teams, collaborating with other offices - such as London, Berlin, New York and San Francisco. He is the Co-author of the study ‘Cities Alive, Towards a Walking World’ edited by Arup. During his career he has been involved in a wide range of cities-related studies concerning walkable environments, green infrastructures and smart cities.