Urban Farming Cell
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Urban Farming Cell:
Farming, one of the most primordial human activities, is used as catalyst in order to facilitate interaction between people, activating spaces and creating communities. The farming cell (from Latin cella, meaning "small room") can be used as single unit or can be “propagated”, multiplying the number of cells, if necessary, creating more complex and articulated spaces. The Urban Farming Cell is designed based on three main elements: rolling farming and planters unit containers, modular PVC furniture system and one barbeque/cooking unit. Each of these three elements is mobile and modular in order to create a system flexible enough to be used to host the most different kind of activities like for example: food festivals, music gigs, outdoor fitness, playground, relaxing area etc.
Farming, cooking and eating represent in every human culture around the world a moment for aggregation and socialization and the Urban Farming Cell can be considered a sort of sanctuary for that rituality so important to create and consolidate communities. That’s also why this system can be the right solution to make alive urban spaces. Another important element of the design is that the system is flexible enough and modular in order to allow people to “invent” their own space which can be transformed on the base of what people need, stimulating a creative approach to how to live the space.
Breaking bread is one of the most ancient rites and it is common to many cultures and faiths. It is a universal gesture of peace and reconciliation and in this historical moment of divisions and extreme contrasts maybe designing spaces where people, no matter race or faith, can find common ground and start to rediscover the pleasure of speaking, listening and building together. The Urban Farming Cell can be considered a simple and sincere contribution in that direction.
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