THE LIVING CLIMATE MACHINE, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is one of worlds big metropoles being challenged by the two big urban problems of this time, the lack of sufficient high density housing and environmental problems caused by the lack of ecological services provided by urban nature. An appropriate answer on this questions will be an integrated approach.

The LIVING CLIMATE MACHINE is a living space for people, multifunctionally integrated in a natural context. Being implemented in an overloaded, busy urban area, will offer its inhabitants the basic requirements for live. But it offers more, as represents a place to work, recreate, meet and produce.

In contrast with the idea of segregation of functions, it proposes to redefine the concept of living in a city. Its basic concept is the delicate interweaving of the functions of living with the need of participating to the social, economic and cultural activities of the big city. Only all these functions together can offer the background of a complete and balanced urban life.

The building materials are wood and glass for its supporting structure. Vegetation and energy represents the building elements which determined the total form of the building. The 45° roof is meant to receive the radiations of the sun as the most important low budget energy supplier. Its warmth induces the photosynthesis of the vegetation providing in this way, the working engine to supply with water, cooling, air purifications, habitat, and a healthy environment.

The building offers the possibility to various divisions, different types and measures of residencies, and therefore different populations, preventing the forming of ‘ghetto’s’. The residents may chose the type of vegetation they like, providing a various, interesting and living façade. Also they have the opportunity to design their own common garden or to work in studios. Parking is below the building.

The vegetation, the orientation, integrated solar panels and its isolated skin assure a low energy use, production of electricity and a good ventilation. Considerable glass surfaces provide to the residents a wide view over the city. The concept is adaptable to different sites in the city of Rotterdam.

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