Smart Carpet, London, United Kingdom
McGregor Coxall, Momentum Transport and Umbrellium

The City of London accommodates a significant demand of traffic through its streets each day. Although this demand supports businesses, offices, retail and residents a key challenge arises when the design of a street has to place the throughput of traffic above pedestrian, cyclist and public amenity. A key destination within the city where this is evident is the western end of Cheapside, where the activity during the day is in contrast to an absence of life outside of working hours. What if Cheapside could adapt to changing demands and become a destination in its own right, supporting public life when its function as a vehicular link is less of a priority?
Cheapside Vision
“Smart Carpet” is designed as a living, thinking surface treatment that adaptively responds to user demand. Comprising of a series of paving modules, the street is revealed as an intelligent multi-functional system that supports energy creation, interlockable furniture, LED lighting displays, sensory recognition and live analytics. These paving modules facilitate modular street furniture for social interaction, recreational zones for active health, street markets and exhibitions for cultural expression or commuter traffic during peak periods. The surface interacts directly with pedestrians and motorists changing the traffic conditions of any given street while delivering wayfinding, street notifications and live localised news.
Smart and Engaging Technology
An intelligent paver integrating LED lighting, energy and movement sensors and furniture plug-in technology establishes a responsive street surface that adapts to changing demands. Using the pavers as sensor technology, anonymous data indicates the number of people using the space and their mode of transport at any given time. 
A modular furniture system is composed of and built around the character and topography of a specific location. More than smart furniture, the system can; take the role of green lungs by actively filtering air and engage with the community through interactive furniture that can be endlessly designed for events, dining, meeting spaces, workstations and play spaces.
A custom designed application integrates “smart carpet” & smart phone technology enabling the community to inform the future of their streets in a fun and engaging way. By embracing augmented reality allowing the community to submit furniture configurations, lighting stories and artworks the community can interact with layouts designing, curating and voting-on up-and-coming installations.
Bank Junction Laboratory
Central to the Smart Carpet’s delivery is establishing the Bank Junction Laboratory where key initiatives can be individually tested and developed within a highly public and active space. The ‘Bank Junction laboratory’ builds off current initiatives such as ‘All Change at Bank’ and ‘Bank on Safety’, prototyping and developing smart street technologies within a highly public and active space. This allows Bank Junction to emerge as a testing ground for smart infrastructure and a stepping stone to delivering the world's first adaptable, data driven, multi-functional street space that curates public life through an intelligent, flexible street surface. The street is no longer “for people” or “for cars” but a self powered space that can learn from its findings.
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