REPURPOSING THE LANE WAY, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur City Hall

REPURPOSING THE LANE WAY by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (KLCH), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur’s laneways are a pervasive component of urban space that form the map of Kuala Lumpur City. With 234.75 hectares of Kuala Lumpur City Centre area, the city consist more than 1000 numbers of laneways which become a very valuable space for a rapid growth city. These laneways are an opportunity and a big challenge to KLCH to utilise this space as a public space. This laneways have been regarded and functions as service road for waste collection, loading and unloading activities and also act as escape road during emergencies of fire. Bukit Bintang area is one of the busiest places in Kuala Lumpur whereby many people in the community are using the laneways and create a network pattern themselves. Laneways in this area become a major artery for the people to move around Bukit Bintang.
The Alor laneway idea was initiated based on the feasibility study and the history of the place itself. The feasibility study shows that the laneway has become one of the main arteries used by the residential in that area as a pass through lane to go to the main commercial area. According to the local people, previously there was a stream along this laneway and that is how the road is named as ‘Alor’ in Malay Language which means a stream. The history of the place was the main idea used as a design concept in designing the laneway. The 3 dimensional mural painting of a stream is the main element for this laneway. Surrounded with 4 stories building is an opportunity for us to use the walls as a canvas with forest mural painting. This stream painting laneways is the one and only 3-D painted laneways in Kuala Lumpur.
Previously, the laneway was in a very bad condition which was used as a dumping site. An engagement with the community has been done earlier but resulting a negative response. A strategy was planned to gain the trust from the residents to convince that this project will succeed. KLCH took an immediate action by cleaning up and resurfacing the laneway. The mural painting on the laneways floor is the significant value of this project which reminisce the memory of having a stream before. KLCH received a tremendous positive response from the residents after the laneways upgrading work was completed. 
Giving more impact and to make it livelier and be memorized by the public, cloud shaped lighting is added along the laneways. The lighting is specially designed to give a different moment while walking along the laneways. Apart from that, public will feel safe to use the laneways at night.
This project gives good impact to the space and the residents in which currently the residents turn out to be the caretaker for the laneways and they work together with the local authority to ensure the Alor laneways is properly taken care.
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