Park-Walk PDX, Portland, Oregon, United States
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Urban population density is on a historic rise with additional and taller buildings steadily sprouting.  Concomitantly, land values are rising precipitously, making it increasingly untenable to set aside land for public parks. Yet the positive effects of an ecological refuge in the midst of urban density has been  enhances personal wellbeing. Streets are upwards from 25% of the average citie’s area where we can have social intercourse.  It is not just a place for automated transport it is the shared space we interact.
The mission of Park-Walk is to combine the diverse opportunities of city interaction with the vital need to maintain our human connection to Mother Earth’s Nature: The questions are: How can we support urban density and retain natural habitats?  How can parks coexist with modern buildings?  Keeping in mind that plants thrived on the once abandoned NYC elevated train tracks long before they became the famed NYC High Line.  The answer is to invite nature back into our cities on our roof tops and connected with park bridges.
Park-Walk PDX is a growth initiative for Portland, Oregon, that aligns the advantages of urbanization with the intrinsic need for humans to connect with nature. The Ankeny Blocks are eleven parcels slated for development on a 5x6’ block area in the heart of Portland. New building designs incorporate public parks mid-structure, several stories above the street, connected through a network of high line bridge parks leading to roof parks, a reimagination of common space.  
The vision begins with an ascending bridge from Portland’s Waterfront Park on the Willamette River, crossing over Naito Parkway. After the ascent, the path flattens.  A vast network of nature, mushrooming across the city, comes into view. A bridge dripping vines over the street below extends towards the next block’s raised public space. A recently constructed tower connects to Park-Walk through its second to fourth floor. Flowering trees and native bushes bisect the steel and concrete, and families dotted along its bridges enjoy the sunset.  
Parks are the lungs of an energetic city. Park-Walk creates, in the heart of the city, a public realm, composed of growing plants rather than concrete and asphalt, where no need to compete with the street’s commercial vitality exists. As modern life accelerates, urbanites can find respite or communal discourse in these verdant havens that city dwellers ordinarily have to travel outside of city limits to find. 
The National Parks & Recreation magazine will feature Park-Walk PDX in July 2018.
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