Nya Hovås II, Gothenburg, Sweden
Utopia Arkitekter AB

The consortium Nya Hovås II invited Utopia Arkitekter, Gehl Architects and Snøhetta to a competition for the continued development of the Nya Hovås II area in southern Gothenburg. Utopia Arkitekter's proposal for the future urban plan won the jury’s acclaim and work is now proceeding to create a new zoning plan for the area.
The Transport Administration has proposed a new traffic solution consisting of two new slip roads in each direction that will create an 85 metre wide zone that cuts through Nya Hovås, cleaving the neighbourhood in two halves. Utopia Arkitekter instead proposed a disruptive traffic solution that will enable the creation of a seamless continuation of the urban plan previously established for the first phase of the area's expansion.
This is made possible by a new roundabout and an underpass - Hovås Allé - that will help create a wholeness rather than splitting the community into two parts separated by an enormous traffic apparatus. The function of the road as a an important throughway and slip road feeder will be maintained with the new solution.
The proposal further builds on and strengthens the existing, but today to a large extent sub-optimised, qualities of the area. The culverted creek that flows through the area will be deculverted. The creek will be surrounded by a generous natural green space that will, not only provide the future inhabitants with a high quality recreational area, but also help connect the new development to the adjacent nature reserve.
The municipality's vision is to create "a small-scale mixed-use city of world class.” and in its entirety, Nya Hovås will consist of residential housing, offices, commercial buildings and various types of public service. Combined with the proximity to the surrounding nature and the close by sea, these will create the fundamental qualities and starting points defined in the dialogue process that has been the very basis for Utopia Arkitekters work developing the proposal for the new development.
The proposal contains a multitude of typologies that as a whole will create a varied and beautiful cityscape where every part is optimised to it’s needs and qualities.
A fundamental character trait of an urban environment is that the ground floors of buildings contribute to the vitality of the city. In our proposal, we have created urbanity, attractiveness and security by varying the density of entrances along the road. In place of commercial spaces, we propose activity centres and attractively designed recycling and waste facilities as well as cycle storage. 
In addition, we also propose that, in places less optimal for commercial or public activities, the ground floors be used for townhouses that will both add a sought-after form of accommodation and provide security and vitality to the street during evenings and weekends. 
The proposal covers a total area of 79 580 square meters, about 900 residential units, and 45 800 square meters of retail, public venues like a library/culture centre, cinema, swimming pool, gas station and parking space.
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