Layover, Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands

Layover, is commissioned by the municipality in Bergen op Zoom in The Netherlands is a large metal sound wall and public sculpture that consists of transparent glass and solid metal cubes, each of 40cm2. Spanning 16 meters in length and 3.5 meters height, the structure divides a busy ring road between two small cities, creating a public pocket park where over 3000 youths cycle past to and from school every day. The site, designed to be both a landmark and meeting point, invites those who pass by to layover; to pause and relax before continuing ones journey.
In the daytime the wall appears like a wave broken into fragments and frozen in time and space. Providing a lee for those who decide to temporarily inhabit in it, the structure functions as a shelter or oasis. At night the passing traffic lights up the glass cubes, creating an ever-changing and dynamic sequence of lights.
The basic concept for Layover, was derived from an imaginary force that pushes a wall out and over, so that an exhilarating momentum is expressed and captured. The petrifaction of movement on a busy traffic axis is like stopping time, so that one may pass by, rest within or wander through a frozen moment.
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