KODA by Kodasema, Tallinn, Estonia

The housing crisis in London needs a solution that goes beyond good design.The whole production scheme for housing needs to be rethought. KODA produces houses like cars, opposing to the traditional building methods that are slow, labour consuming and inprecise. Innovative production methods and design allow to increase the quality of the housing and the production speed at the same time.

The mobile KODA factories can be reproduced wherever needed and resonable in terms of mass, using a temporary or vacant shell for the factory. The KODA house consist of concrete and timber panels that are connected by glass fibre beams. The formworks for the panels are CNC-cut from local plywood. Adding the compact wet room module and a heating and ventilating system the house is ready for use without any finishing works on site. The self-driving tecnology delivers the house to the site where KODA house needs only a connection to the water, electricity and sewerage. The free-standing houses that need no foundation can later be sold and relocated. When the area is infilled, the mobile factory is ready to move as well.

Since KODA is a free standing house that can be separated from the plot, it has a secondary market and can be easily sold after use, creating a totally new dynamic situation in the so far strict housing market.

The 25 m2 living unit has all the necessities for living and the minimal design is capable of accommodating various styles of choice. The house is perfect for 1-2 dwellers but can acommodate up to 4 people. The smart solutions (automatic heating, solar panels, well insulated walls, 4-ply glass, sun shade etc) result in a plus energy house that produces annually more energy than it consumes.

Several KODAs can be combined, creating larger units or communities. In the urban scale, brownfield areas can be temporarily (5-15 years) habited with high quality living spaces. The movable house allows to develop on plots that are rented. The small unit also allows to infill the wholes in the developed housing areas.

Kodasema that produces KODA houses is a company founded in 2014 in Estonia. The first prototype KODA 1.0 launced in autumn 2015 and was exhibited in Tallinn Architecture Biennale. The KODA house has also been exhibited in Oslo, Norway during Oslo Open House Festival. At the moment one KODA is located in Watford UK, at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) where it is being tested.

KODA has a holistic solution for the London housing crisis that brings the production and the secondary market of housing to a new paradigm, adjusting to the political, economical, social and urban needs and potentials in London today.

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