Jumeirah Central, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jumeirah Central has been envisioned as a global destination that will further Dubai’s reputation as one of the most desirable and exciting cities in the world.
At a total build-out of 4.3 million square meters, the master plan will be comprised of 5 key uses: Office, residential, hotel, retail and entertainment, evenly distributed around the site. This balance of uses will ensure the master plan’s full utilization of the infrastructure, and lends the project an eclectic range of appeal.
Jumeirah Central is designed for connection, with an emphasis on integrated transit and a walkable public realm. Shaded pedestrian streets, plazas, parks of varying sizes, and carefully planned density helps to create a district that is active, diverse and permeable.
The master plan is designed around the fundamentals of what makes a city great: delivering social equity through multi-modal mobility and an authentic community environment to promote rich social interaction.  Consultation with thousands of residents, tourists, investors and businesses enables Jumeirah Central to address the most pressing needs of the city.
The street network and block sizes have been designed at a human scale to create a permeable and intuitive urban fabric. The street grid is designed for direct navigation and freedom of movement.  Narrow streets (with optimized underground utilities), zero lot line setbacks, contiguous sidewalks, landscape and awnings create conditions conducive to engagement in the public realm.
Phased for development over many years, the design of Jumeirah Central puts people first from the very beginning and remains nimble enough to adapt to new innovations over the years. Climate-tempered pedestrian connections throughout the district reduce vehicle use, promoting social and commercial interaction, and encouraging wellness activities all year round.
With goals of multi-modal transportation and year-round walkability, the design team incorporated a complete street design where all modes of transit and pedestrians mix safely with barrier-free interconnections. Uniting metro, tram, buses, shuttles, private vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and gondola, the transportation planning for the district fosters accessibility and permeability for a highly-connected community.
While parking is still a necessity today, the number of parking spaces throughout Jumeirah Central are limited, decreasing the cost of transforming those spaces in the future. Synergistic adjacencies of the district’s various uses allow car parking to be shared through each day and week. 
Jumeirah Central will re-imagine how Dubai grows in the future, providing a truly urban mixed-use, transit-oriented development that is enhanced by an animated, walkable public realm.
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