CommUnity - A Blockchain for Better Cities

Designers! Let’s reimagine the future of decentralised collaboration! Let’s help communities make new technology work for them! Let’s help them to reinvigorate their streets and spaces, segregated for decades by roads and polluting cars! Let’s help them to empower themselves and make sustainable choices! Let’s help them to reclaim the streets! 
Income inequality and climate change are the defining issues of our time. We are already seeing consequences of how these two issues affect one another, and unless drastic measures are taken, we will not be able to stop it from getting worse. These issues are often exacerbated by imbalanced, inflexible and inefficient systems, which do not allow for effective change to be delivered and have caused worldwide mistrust of large organisational structures. We believe that to rebalance our world we need to be ready to adopt new systems of organisation that are suitable for the 21st Century and are adaptable, efficient, democratic and accountable.  
Whilst automated cars and AI are set to make significant changes to our streets and spaces. These technologies are also seen as a threat to jobs worldwide, driving inequality deeper. However, we believe that, rather than see it as a threat, this could be an amazing opportunity for communities to reclaim their streets as assets, which would help to readdress societal inequality and combat climate change.
CommUnity would be an international organisation, organised using blockchain technology, whose aim would be to engender new senses of ownership and guardianship for the streets and spaces in which people live, commute, relax, work and play. Building upon the radical philosophy of Reclaim The Streets movement, and the theoretical framework of Smart Urbanism, it would allow communities to shape their own environment, readdressing the imbalance that exists between top down and bottom up processes. 
Streets and spaces, once dominated by cars, would be recorded as ‘blocks’ and their ‘digital twin’ would form part of the blockchain – accessible through a Distributed Ledger – a chronological, transparent, digital record, which instead of being held within a central system, is distributed across a diverse network of nodes. This decentralised network would allow both communities and corporations to use streets and spaces as assets for mutual gain in a way that is balanced, adaptable, efficient, democratic and accountable. 
Activated and adaptable high streets would allow both independent traders and larger companies to generate income, a levy on which would be fed back into the blockchain – providing grants for community led projects. More localised street networks would provide opportunities for these projects - such as urban agriculture, communal work spaces, play and exercise, artist and design studios and renewable energy production. 
The CommUnity Blockchain is not restricted to just one town, city or country. This a movement with truly international ambitions and can be adapted to match cultural, political, environmental and regulatory profiles. We believe that this movement can allow cities to be shaped by a new harmonious balance between communities, commerce and the environment.
Let’s reimagine! Let’s reclaim! Let’s rebuild! Let’s rebalance the global CommUnity!

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