Borox, Spain, Regeneration of the Avenida Piedad Colon, Borox, Spain
Fairfax, Sammons & Partners LLC and SMLA Landscape Architects

The regeneration of the site of Avenida Piedad Colon will build upon the pre-existing strengths of the site, and will provide for the citizens of Borox a more accessible place for children, seniors and people of all ages to gather. 
A Better Way Forward for Traffic and Pedestrians
Multi-modal transportation design is introduced which will slow traffic and allow for the safety of all citizens.  New paving patterns, and removing the curbs between the sidewalks and the street will lessen the perception of the street as a vehicle corridor allowing pedestrians to feel more comfortable moving through it. Vehicle travel lanes will still be clearly marked but will have less of an overall feeling of dominance. 
Economic Sustainability
With the redesign will come a willingness for investment in the area, contributing to the overall economic sustainability of the town. The sidewalk areas will be widened to allow for more outdoor sidewalk cafes and possible market activity. Building with robust materials will be of more lasting economic value for the town. Investment in this densely-built area where shops and restaurants all remain within a reasonable walkable distance has proven to be an economically viable way of keeping the wealth of a town within its boundaries. This allows for the small  shops to thrive, giving economic opportunity to entrepreneurs. Real estate values should go up and tax revenue can be generated for the good of the community. 
Environmental Design
The addition of new trees and shaded areas will reduce the heat island effect in the entire area.  Densely planted trees, along with vigorous ground cover is an excellent habitat for urban wildlife and birds. The introduction of more shade to the area will give seniors more places to sit in the park, and specifically on the north side of the senior center, a dense aerial canopy of trees, located on the north side of the building will be a refuge from the summer sun.  The use of a traditional irrigation runnel for the new planted trees down the center of the street will be water-efficient.
Traditional Architecture and Support of Craft
The new designs of the library and senior center will feature traditional building techniques and material. The reintroduction of traditional proportions for windows and doors will be made.  The use of iron, wood, masonry and stucco to restore and reconfigure the facades of the town will give the town a more cohesive and pleasing appearance. Street lighting will be made of glass and iron and attached to the existing buildings on the street where possible in order to reduce the clutter of lamp posts.
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