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BeemCar® Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) has been designed specifically to solve the problems of transportation in dense urban environments. It does not require a road network and can best be described as a cross between a monorail and a ski-lift. Passengers travel in 4-seater driverless pods, 5m above the ground and suspended from drive units that run inside a network of carbon fibre beams. The design puts passengers first and foremost, and is aimed at attracting people out of their cars, reducing congestion, improving air quality and inspiring new placemaking opportunities.Pods are available on demand 24/7 and travel directly from origin to destination, without the delay of intermediate stops. Passenger boarding is at ground level with a focus on accessibility for everyone, regardless of mobility requirements.
Using the very latest control technology the pods travel with a half second headway, producing a maximum capacity of 28,800 passengers per hour. Initial cost projections show these impressive performance statistics can be achieved at less than a fifth of the capital cost of other urban transportation systems. The Pods are slung under lightweight, narrow beams supported by posts at regular intervals.
 The BeemCar Network® has a very small footprint and can be manufactured on-site, leading to rapid deployment and minimum disruption during installation. Tackling all types of urban terrain, the single flexible linkage system will be able to cope with gradients up to 60% whilst providing a smooth and superior travel experience for passengers.
Utilising the very best technology and materials, BeemCar aims to be the next generation PRT system that learns and improves on previous developments-notably the Heathrow Terminal 5 Pod system. Linear motors with no moving parts provide a reliable service, with predictable journey times based on a constant speed of 30mph. The working parts and power are protected within the beam, providing resilience to bad weather and floods. Energy consumption is about 70% less than other powered urban transport systems, and will be drawn from renewable energy sources.
BeemCar provides the opportunity to reclaim the streets from the dominance of road based transport in dense urban environments. It will form an important element of a future integrated urban transport system, acting as a circulator, linking with existing mass transit systems and forming a comprehensive citywide transmodal solution.Early technology proof of concepts have been around since the 1970s, but with increasing urbanisation, the benefits of PRT systems have come to the fore. 
It is estimated that in the last six months contracts worth over $2bn have been awarded in the Middle East, India and China, with a further $1bn in the pipeline.BeemCar Ltd is already working with technology partners who recognise the new mobility horizon is changing rapidly, and that the potential global market for PRT systems is huge. We would like to reach out and collaborate with architectural, design and planning companies who share our interest in the transformational opportunity of next generation PRT systems. 
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