Avenue Park, New York, United States
Eray Carbajo LLC

Named after the park it used to be, Park Avenue in Manhattan New York has long-lost its green to cars, and its visitors to commuters. Its 8 lanes of busy traffic, serviceable pedestrian crossings and high concrete walls witness restless business days turning into deserted nights and weekends.
As part of a socially networked, globally present society, New York’s pace of business and pulse of culture is at ever-growing rates, and new forms of collaborative work are invented everyday. With latest economic incentives and land developments, the vibrant life on Park Avenue migrated to Tech Alley of Midtown South, the rezoned Downtown and affordably cool Dumbo.
The question is what will be the future of Park Avenue. In the city where the growth is skyward and the future is driverless, why compromise the streetscape? Why not expand the playground of NYC dwellers instead?
The main objective of the proposal is to create a social, cultural, recreational venue, as well as a living, working, and entertainment destination at the heart of the city of New York. We believe this objective can be best achieved in the form of an Urban Park.
Avenue Park proposes a transposition of landscape and streetscape for the medians between 46th and 57th streets in order to decrease space for vehicular access. It transforms 8 lane North South highway into a modest curvilinear path that becomes a serene drive inside the park.
With this simple yet bold move, around 230,000 SF of new, fully accessible public space will be generated, the traffic would slow down, and most importantly, the 20-25 min walk down to Grand Central Station is enriched with various perspectives, continuously changing scenery of public spaces.
From the outset, Avenue Park proposal has been designed with its users experience and journey in mind.Therefore is differentiated into 3 distinct zones from North to South.
Zone 1: Commercial
In close proximity to Grand Central Station and various commuter hotels, this area is located at the south end of the Avenue Park. It utilizes various retail stores, local restaurants, and tech focused coffeeshop & bars, that will extend the hours of use to a 24 hour cycle.
Zone 2: Culture
This middle portion of the park will benefit from world renowned architectural landmarks such as Casa Lever and Seagram Tower. The new public space and the existing private plazas, start to negotiate boundaries, in order to archive the best possible cultural experience, while walking through the sculptures and design artifacts that will be on continuous outdoor display.
Zone 3: Nature
This is the north end of Avenue Park, where the building character starts to feel more residential, more private where as the character of the park becomes more relaxed, more fit, more natural. 
Connecting Bridges:
In order to have a continuous and fully accessible path, the connecting bridges are proposed. These bridges structurally rest on the existing pavement of the medians which make it easier to build.
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