Urban Challenge Stage 2. - International Task Force

We must all work together towards a better future plan for our city streets that takes into account the changes that autonomous vehicles and traffic pollution controls will bring about.

As part of this process, World Architecture News will assemble a Task Force made up of professionals from across the architectural, engineering, technology, commercial and planning spectrum who will assess the range of opportunities and proposals that focus on 'reclaiming our streets'. The Task Force will sit on 22nd May in London.

Disciplines and sectors as varied as Retrofitting (streets, public squares), Placemaking (public spaces, community, tourism, social), Entertainment (cinemas, bars, restaurants), Transport (cycle schemes, transit hubs, pedestrian schemes, Hyperloop), Security, Technology (traffic management, augmented reality in retail, drone delivery, GIS), Pollution, Retail and Flood resilience will all be discussed.

The Task Force will follow a proven, structured process during the day, exploring ideas and case studies from around the world, including projects submitted for our Ideas Competition (stage 1), pausing at a key milestones while a snapshot of soundings are taken laying the foundations of a Blueprint for the future.

The blueprint is later refined and when accepted by the Task Force will go forward to a Symposium event in September. (Stage 3)

Our process is inclusive and we welcome input from our readers from cities in any country, so do make use of our ideas competition to become involved. This sort of collaboration will be critical to success.