Manifesto gets voted through

The Manifesto for Change, developed by the WAN Urban Task Force was presented at the London Housing Symposium on 12th September at the NLA in London put forward 10 proposals for the Mayor to consider for incorporation in the New London Plan.

The audience were asked to vote on each one in turn. All 10 were voted through, with varying levels of support.

See proposals and % below:

Results from the WUC17 London Housing Symposium

P1. Re-designate the provision of affordable housing as infrastructure

P2. Create a comprehensive and accessible register of all public owned land across all boroughs

P3. Undertake an urgent review of Green Belt Policy

P4. First use of developments on public land should be affordable housing for key workers

P5. Meanwhile use of land should be encouraged

P6. A citywide Housing Development Corporation should be set up with planning powers to develop affordable housing on public owned land

P7. Section 106 should be re-written as a Social Contract

P8. Introduce a new Design Code Guidance linking higher standards to higher density

P9. Embrace MMC as part of the higher standards code

P10. Provide financial incentives for employer assisted housing