About the WAN Urban Challenge

WAN, through its network of international architects, engineers, design consultants, planners and city leaders acts as a hub for visionaries to join together in solving issues and exploring concepts to tackle specific challenges our cities face today.

In 2017 we looked at London’s Housing Crisis, 2018 sees a call for Reclaiming the Streets, an initiative which will shape the streets of the future into clean, safe, vibrant, inspiring places. 

Phase one: Global Ideas Competition

Open to architects, engineers and design consultants worldwide, WAN challenges you to submit ideas bringing new and innovative solutions to the table. The winners of the competition will be invited to join a Task Force in May 2018, as well as the established benefits of winning the WAN AWARDS. Full details of the competition here.

Phase two: Task Force

A full day dedicated to working groups and presentations to help solve the problem at hand. Drawing from a range of countries, expertise and practices, WAN assembles a Task Force of like-minded visionaries who can not only bring innovation and creativity but also practicality to the table to discuss and work towards a solution.

Each working group will focus on the challenges presented through their respective viewpoint, culminating in a Manifesto for Change. 

Phase three: Symposium

The Task Force present the manifesto to representatives of global cities and a wider body of interested parties at a Symposium. A panel discussion followed by Q&A will be concluded by an opportunity to network with 200 key stakeholders.

Michael Hammond, Editor in Chief