• Global Design and Ideas Competition

    Global Design and Ideas Competition

    Concepts or case studies from around the world provide inspiration for the task force. Further details on how your practice can get involved. 


  • Urban task force

    Urban task force

    Twenty five invited experts review concepts and case studies from the competition and work up a strategy for London. 


  • London Housing Symposium

    London Housing Symposium

    23rd May 2017. The stage is set … Tickets on sale.


  • Look who's coming

    Look who's coming

    James Murray, London Deputy Mayor for Housing and Residential Development confirmed to brief WAN Urban Task Force.

  • Affordable floating homes

    Affordable floating homes

    Company Urban Riggers has come up with an unconventional architectural solution to build low-cost modular dorms using shipping containers that can float in urban harbours, bringing students into Copenhagen city centre without the exorbitant rents.

  • Towards the new London Plan...

    Towards the new London Plan...

    The blueprint for the future shape of London is being prepared. The timing of Urban Challenge couldn’t be better.

News Updates

  • 22/03/2017
    News Update #03 - Housing Solutions: The Interlace
  • 15/03/2017
    News Update #02 - Land Supply
  • 14/03/2017
    News Update #01 - Venue confirmed
  • 13/03/2017
    Urban Task Force so far...
  • 02/03/2017
    Early bird deadline closing - global ideas competition
  • 15/02/2017
    WAN Urban Challenge Global Ideas Competition now open